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DataCAD Training Videos

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2013 4:58 pm
by Mark F. Madura
Dear DataCAD Forum Members:

I'm pleased to announce a new forum for DataCAD Training Videos. We will continue to post new topics in response to popular requests, so please feel free to send your suggestions to

The newest videos are recorded in 720P, hi-def 1,280x720 format. So if you've got the bandwidth, set the display quality to 720P from the default 360P and run the video Full Screen. Many of the videos are older excerpts from our 2009 DataCAD 12 Advanced Training Tour. While the display quality of these is low, you might find the audio content to be helpful.

There are also some rare clips from past DBUG meetings and training tapes in the Time Machine playlist that you might get a kick out of. Over time, we will be replacing the older video topics with updated versions.

Many of you have already indicated your surprise to learning about capabilities within DataCAD that have been there for years that you didn't know about. So I hope you find these to be helpful and perhaps make DataCAD less of a best kept secret.

Thank You,