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PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 3:48 pm
by Mark F. Madura
Welcome to the DataCAD Message Board

We're pleased to establish this FREE online community to enhance your experience with DataCAD. We hope you'll visit often to get answers, share ideas, and interact with other DataCAD users around the world.

Inspired in-part by the online forum DBUG (DataCAD Boston Users' Group), and created in response to our customer's requests, it is our hope that the DataCAD Message Board will become an invaluable resource for DataCAD users.

The ultimate success of the DataCAD Message Board will depend upon your continued participation and the quality of its content. Toward this end, I encourage you to interact with other members of this forum and contribute when you can so that others can benefit from your experiences with DataCAD.

You may have noticed that the DataCAD Message Board has several discussion forums. In the first group, Technical Support, you'll find forums specifically geared toward the most recent versions of our primary products; DataCAD 15 and DataCAD LT 15. The Legacy Products forum is intended for questions pertaining to the use of older versions of DataCAD.

There is a Training section where you can ask "How do I...?" type questions and get answers from DataCAD experts. You can also use the Cheap Tricks forum to post your own time-saving shortcuts.

The General Discussion section is intended for "Off Topic" subjects related to architecture, engineering, and construction, but not specific to the use of DataCAD. In this section you'll also find product reviews on hardware and software written by other DataCAD users, and you can use the Wishlist forum to send us your ideas for new features.

Last but not least, check out the Classifieds section if you're looking for a new job that requires your DataCAD skills or if you're an employer looking for applicants with DataCAD skills. The Classifieds section of the DataCAD Message Board will replace the Classifieds section of the DATACAD web site.

Thank you in advance for your participation in helping to make the DataCAD Message Board a success.