What features would you like to see added to a future version of DataCAD?
#81726 by joshhuggins
Tue Nov 08, 2022 9:19 pm
brace yourselves 08112022181516.jpg

Figure I should start this new round of my wishlist off right! Wish #1 is for continued success for Datacad's team! Making it thru the last couple of years for anyone would be a hard road to travel. Datacad has kept on truckin' while taking care of us Dcaders, and for that I am grateful!

Can find my previous Wishlist from v21 here. :D
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#81728 by joshhuggins
Wed Nov 09, 2022 2:12 pm
Neil Blanchard wrote:Wait! Is V23 out? Or coming soon?
No it's not out yet, sorry to get your hopes up. This is just going to be my update on ideas I have had that I have been jotting down since the v21-22 time frame. I don't have any info on v23 itself, sorry. :oops:
#82447 by joshhuggins
Sun Sep 03, 2023 2:11 am
And here comes the wishes! :mrgreen:

:idea: Not sure if this is a bug or should be a wish, but, a locked symbol attribute should be displayed in the symbol when the symbol is inserted unexploded, unless invisible is checked.

:idea: - Add ability so if a symbol attribute database is missing from the Database folder, have Datacad looked for the missing database in the drawings current folder before prompting on a missing database. This would allow us to create a single project database to store info about the job/drawing and populate a whole bunch of job specific info across the drawing(s).

:idea: - If a file is read only, that it would say [Read-only] at the top of the Datacad window after the file path.

:idea: - Entities with hyperlinks highlight in the drawing when moused over

:idea: - Allow 2D wall styles with longer names

:idea: - Change M/PText margins by EGAFM

:idea: - When creating a Rectangular Polyline, allow a modifier key like Alt, Shift or Ctrl to change to drawing a square polyline.

:idea: - Option to set color of application window so we can set our own dark mode easily.

:idea: - Polyline Rectangular grids:
Type 1: Preset X & Y divisions at creation time, when the grid is stretched, the grid spacing is stretched equally.
Type 2: Preset X & Y distances so as the grid is stretched, additional lines / sections are added to the grid. Would be useful for creating schedules that can easily grow dynamically when stretched. This type could have a toggle for end correction to extend the lines when in between the set distances or only draw the additional sections when stretched far enough.

:idea: - Symbol layer manager shows layers in layer / nested symbol hierarchy

:idea: - Symbol Browser mode for 'Drawing Only' that shows only symbols that are only in the drawings database, and do not have a counterpart on the hard drive.

:idea: - Add a bitmaps tab in the reference manager or a separate bitmap manager so we can re-path batches of bitmaps to a new folder.

:idea: - What about adding codes and/or a toggle, maybe an addition to the SWOTHLUDFBK, so that new entities that are created are added to the back/beginning of the layer order when created? So when creating entities, especially fills, hatches or symbols with those they are automatically created "in the back" of the layer order. Would be extra helpful for fills and hatch.

:idea: - Favorite Drawings/ Folders list like symbol browser for the File menu.

:idea: - Symbols remember the layers that are turned off when saved, so when inserting they insert with that saved layer state. It seems to work if you have a nested symbol, it will remember it's own layer on/off states when the parent is inserted exploded.

:idea: - INI option so when using Set All for Enlargement, that it would also set Line Factor.

:idea: - Allow DPS files to have blank Last Pen Table= so we can load printer settings without changing pen table, similar to how Last Plot Scale= is ignored when blank value. Maybe all the values should support empty values being ignored?

:idea: - When inserting a symbol using Dynamic rotation, allow menu options F5 thru S9 remain in the menu to be toggleable until the last click of setting the symbol rotation is picked so we can change a toggle if we need to, without having to back out and reselect the symbol again to re-insert.

:idea: - - Symbol attributes should support multiple lookup fields from the same database. Right now filled by attribs get overrode anytime any lookup is done.

                -- #attrib1-field2filled
                -- #atrrib2-field1filled
                -- #atrrib2-field2filled

:idea: - Allow Symbol Attribute database selector dialog window show both CSV & TXT files at the same time or allow TXT to be the default.

:idea: - Currently if the folder the symbol browser is displaying gets removed from the system, and the user goes to open a new folder it dumps the user at the systems root folder/locations. Could Datacad try to go to the symbol base path instead first?

:idea: - In the Symbol Layer Manager, allow us to set a layer to be used for the display in the Symbol Browser. Would allow similar function like the old templates so the display could be descriptive instead of the line work, or we could use a hidden line removal result. Could be a standard layer name that gets used, if that layer name exists, that layer only is displayed in the SB.

:idea: - Symbol Browser tooltip popups would not spill off onto second monitor, but justify to edge of current monitor.

:idea: - It would be nice to be able to sort the Orphaned Reference Files list by custom name, file name or file path. I would also like to be able to keep the option to sort by layer order as it is now, so maybe a toggle button or radial check buttons to switch between sort options? Other sort options?

:idea: - Smart Windows, 2D Options: Glass Thickness (2 lines for glass). Option to remove vertical sash lines.

:idea: -Datacad needs to release the folder DWGs are exported to after the export is done. Shouldn't have to close Datacad to move or rename a folder.

:idea: - It's nice that Datacad auto finds self/xrefs in the same directory, but I would still like to be notified if an xref path is missing so I can fix it or path it correctly.

:idea: - Option when creating layer sets, to pick specific GTVs, not just all of them.

:idea: - Would be nice if when renaming layers in the layer manager if it could return your selection to the layer you are on instead of returning back to the top of the layer list. Makes renaming groups of layers tedious.

:idea: - Support symbol field names longer than 12 characters

:idea: - In Ref Manager, add Ctrl+Right click Select all same drawing to select all of the xrefs that are pathed to that same drawing.

:idea: - Option to move xclips with xrefs.

:idea: - For Fillets and Chamfers, could we get where if Clip is turned on it would expose 2 new buttons, Line 1 and Line 2, and if for example Line 1 is turned off and Line 2 is turned on, then line 1 will not be clipped, but line 2 will be. Would be very handy for adding branches to existing line systems without breaking the main 'trunk line'. Should probably have some ini options to set the default states, Last, On, Off.

:idea: - Can we get an option so when symbol scale is turned on it's line factor is not multiplied by the enlargement factor set when Symbol scale is turned off? The XYZ factors are not multiplied into the symbol scale and neither should the line factor. It should be based off the symbols definition. I can't think of a use case for this?

:idea: - mtext support for indented lists

:idea: - MText search / find text

:idea: - MText dialog: search and replace text

:idea: - Could the Purge Drawing dialog allow us to select the GTVs so they will be created in the new drawing but also allow us to deselect a layer that a GTV uses? So we don't have to rebuild a whole GTV if we need to only purge out a single layer.

:idea: - When mirroring an xref, have option to mirror xclip. would be huge time saver for complex clips.

:idea: - Could the Purge Drawing dialog display the layer entity count so if a layer is empty, it could be purged incase it might be a troubled layer.

:idea: - When Clipcube Display is turned on, could xclips be shown in the color that is set for the xref? When you have a bunch of intersecting xclips and need to make edits, it makes it hard to tell what's what when everything is the same grey color.

:idea: - A resizable import DWG dialog might be nice so you can see more listed items or see more of long named linetypes / fonts so make it easier to match up for assignments. Also the list auto scrolls several lines if you click a items towards the bottom of the list.

:idea: - Would be handy if the audit file listed out the file path and name in addition to the version and date/time info so we could track things down a bit better if we have to rebuild a file which may have changed files names along the way. I imagine this would need to be addressed by adding the info saved in the drawings info.

:idea: - Can the Purge Dialog remember the resized panes between Go To Views, MSP Sheets, and Multi-View Windows?

:idea: - When you have a xref selected in the ref manager, and you resize the dialog to see more, the selected xref becomes unhighlighted and you have to hit apply to have it show you again what xref is selected. Would be nice if it would remember what was previously selected.

:idea: - Xclip / Clipcube display per drawing, not global.

:idea: - Have symbol folders loaded from toolbars added to recent list in symbol browser.

:idea: - Add Show Hatch / Fill check boxes to Ref manager (not just for smart walls hatch)

:idea: - Don't remove TTF's when uninstalling Datacad versions. If users upgrade to a new version leaving the existing version installed, if they later in the future uninstall the old version, it takes the Datacad provided TTF's with it, most of which are the SHX counterparts which are needed for SHX support in things like MText dialogs.

:idea: - Remove the notice that there is no printer selected. It really doesn't do anything specific since, it still loads up a default anyway. This way we can use saved printer settings without being halted on new files or in symbol editor.

:idea: - AEC Thumbnails saved internally in the AEC file.

:idea: - Diameter readout when IDing a circle/arc.

:idea: - Smart arrows, when 1st Ortho is on, the 2nd and following segments should honor the drawings current Ortho settings, not force Ortho off.

:idea: - Option for Open Symbol Layer Manager at insertion time per folder, like symbol scale per folder

:idea: - "symbol states" loads preset layers on/off.
- flag to have set symbol insert options like Open SLM,

:idea: - Could we get an option so when we Explode Symbols with Conv Attributes turned on, if an attribute is empty it doesn't put the symbol attribute name in it's place? This can cause issues inserting unexpected or garbage text which can cause issues sending exploded files for others to use in their construction docs.

:idea: - Symbol Views, recallable Layer on/off states for symbols.

:idea: - In Linetype Manager, add replace option to replace an embedded linetype with another linetype, so any entity in the drawing and optionally inserted symbols, gets replaced with the selected linetype.

:idea: - Copy and paste Xclips / clips to other xrefs/symbols

:idea: - Alt+Numbers codeable Ex. Alt+1 to 1 Line Trim

:idea: - Old wish here, when typing simple text with an alignment like Center, Middle, the text is drawn as Left, Bottom, until the text line is finished.

:idea: - When looking at a polyline properties dialog for a polyline with hatch and fill, should there be 2 show outline options shown?

:idea: - A find and replace for layer name renaming.

:idea: - When tabbing in the Symbol Attribute dialog, if a drop down gets activated, it jumps to All Caps option at the bottom of the dialog instead of next attribute field.

:idea: - When exporting DWG's it should copy any referenced bitmaps to the output location
#82464 by Mark F. Madura
Thu Sep 07, 2023 4:02 pm
joshhuggins wrote: :idea: - A resizable import DWG dialog might be nice so you can see more listed items or see more of long named linetypes / fonts so make it easier to match up for assignments. Also the list auto scrolls several lines if you click a items towards the bottom of the list.

Done for the next BETA build.
#82467 by joshhuggins
Fri Sep 08, 2023 5:14 pm
I know I have a symbol somewhere for this. . . I don't know where it is stored though. I wish I could search from the Symbol Browser for it. :D

How about if the top left browser location selector if there was an option under Template & Drawing for Search? Then we could select a top level folder and then type in a search term and click a Search button and Datacad could populate the symbol browser with results from the search. Could have check box options for including results from symbols stored in folder names that contain the search term as well. If you wanted to get real crazy could have a check box that could include symbols that contain text with the search term, but that might be a bit much maybe?

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