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Sunshader - multiple viewports

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:26 pm
by Mark Bell
We're designing sun breakers for a glazed curtain wall and are using Sunshader to test the design and depth of shading etc. and find the following enhancements to Sunshader would make the design process much easier:

1. All multiple viewports or windows so various views can be open at the same time, outside iso or perspective, inside iso or perspective, section view, front elevation etc. This would allow us to see what's happening inside and outside the building simultaneously as the sun moves across its path,

2. Allow Sunshader to record and playback a simple animation of a sunrise to sunset path for set times, ie. winter solstice etc. This allows us to visually compare changes in sun breaker design to see how each performs,

3. Enhance the materials library to allow semi transparent materials, ie. applied film tints. We've tried a second layer of glass and played around with the opacity but it appears that all glass materials are treated the same in Sunshader and allow light through as though fully transparent?