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Scrolling MVW's

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:39 am
by Mark Bell
A while ago a posted a wishlist to resize the MVW's so more could fit onto the screen. A preferable idea would be to add scrolling MVW's so more can be added. I'd guess the majority of monitors these days are rectangular so stacking the MVW's down the side of the screen is probably the most used option?

Wishlist - add a vertical scrollbar and a user-defined number of MVW's (say up 99) using the current default MVW size. A user would then scroll up or down to display the other MVW's turned on. An even better option is to forgo the scrollbar and simply allow the MVW's to scroll when the crosshair/mouse is moved over them, similar to the scrolling layers in the side layer menu. These graphical snapshots of work in progress are a great concept for quickly jumping around a project where all you need is a visual to remember where on the building you want to work on next.