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Layers on/OFF/Match/ByAREA

PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:54 pm
by Mark Bell
Working with a very large 3D model with many screens of layers. It's exceptionally time consuming pick Layers /on/OFF/Match then selecting entity by entity on the screen in the hope the right layer info is being turned off.

Wishlist - add: Layer/on/off/Match/ByAREA or ByFENCE to allow a user to quickly define an area outline over the part of the screen to turn off what's inside the box. Also, if the Area is created right to left then crossing is enabled. Further enhancements could be to add an ON and OFF option in the sub-menu so that the Area or Fence can be swapped to either turned all layers off that fall inside the Area/Fence, or, keep all layers on that fall inside the area/fence. Another optin could be after selecting Match the standard EGAFS menus are shown allowing user preference with the ON or OFF toggle further down.