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Re: Josh's v21 Wishlist

PostPosted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 3:56 pm
by joshhuggins
Bumping an old wish that I don't think ever was brought to fruition. Could we get an option so Lock Scaled entities only changes when the plot scale changes when GTV's are changed? Really, really could use this now with Symbol Layer Control with GTV links.

A use case for this would be say we have a GTV setup with a remembered plot scale of 1/4" and so when we switch to the GTV, the plot scale is set to 1/4" and all of the symbols that have lock scale enabled, properly scale themselves to what they should be at 1/4". But say we need to now do an enlarged print out of a section of that GTV say at 1". We don't want the Lock scaled entities to now scale themselves to 1", we want them to stay at their desired 1/4". We just need to be able to get a larger, "zoomed in" print out, using the same 1/4" scale settings. GTV's remembered plot scales would drive the deciding of the lock scale factor symbols use, not the current print scale. Does that make sense?

Ahhh, found the link to the original wish thread. :arrow: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=14612&p=65143&hilit=lock+scale+GTV#p65143
I wonder how deep those nether regions of Dave's desk really go? :lol:

Copy Layer On/Off For Xrefs

PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 8:03 pm
by joshhuggins
You know how we can right click on an xref in the Reference Manager and Copy/Paste Highlight Settings? Would be really nice if we could do the same thing but for the layers that are on/off!

Just sayin' I think it would be kwel.

Orphaned Bitmaps In Symbols

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 11:50 am
by joshhuggins
We really need when opening a drawing, if the drawing has symbols that contain orphaned bitmaps, those bitmaps need to be listed in the main drawings Orphaned Reference Files dialog. A user may never know symbols are missing images unless they happen to edit that symbol, especially if the bitmap is contained within a nested symbol.

Support For PNG Alpha Channels

PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 6:08 pm
by joshhuggins
Support for PNG alpha channels. :D