What features would you like to see added to a future version of DataCAD?
#76408 by Mark Bell
Mon May 20, 2019 6:16 am
We currently have smart arrows and through some extra programming there could be smart grids. The screenshot below shows current smart arrows redefined as pseudo "smart grids":
1. The vertical grids use a Dot arrow style set to a large diameter with knockout turned on,
2. Text, also with KO turned on, is then placed in each circle and edited to suit the grid number,
3. The grid-line line-type has been changed to a dot-dash, but given the "arrow style" is set to a large Dot, it's line-type is linked and also changes to dot-dash, which isn't ideal,
4. The horizontal grids use a Symbol which includes a text attribute, (both the circle and text have KO turned on). This overcomes the problem of a linked line-type when using a smart arrow style, but the symbol text attribute doesn't activate when placed as a "smart arrow" so the text remains blank requiring item 2 above to also be done with this option,

Wishlist 1: Allow symbol attributes used as 'arrow heads' to work in the same way as you would use when placing a symbol attribute in a drawing and the pop up text window allows you to enter text, in this case numbers or letters for grid references. This is the no-frills option and allows each DataCAD user to create their own symbols to use as grid references attached to smart arrows,

Wishlist 2: Add F9 Smart Grids to the Utility/Grids menu and create a built-in smart grids option using the smart arrow code as a starting point. Other features could be added in future including:

a. viewtopic.php?f=10&t=16219 (middle graphic). Grid lines can become a unique entity, similar to Helplines, so when a dimension snaps to a grid line, a specific 'arrow' style (circle) can be used. This helps clarify to contractors on very busy drawings where dimensions are pointing to parts of the building or to grid lines to avoid confusion,

b. it could allow a user to placed the grids first without entering any text, then define the first and last in vertical and horizontal grids to have DataCAD automatically complete everything in between, ie. enter 1 and 4 with DataCAD auto-completing 2 and 3 etc. If a grid is added or deleted, then the grids can be refreshed or updated to reflect the changes, (user option),

c. the text could be set to remain at a designated angle, so if the grid is rotated, the text remains consistent with the other grid text,

d. if a clip cube is used cutting off the grid reference, ctrl-right click or similar on the grid line to invoke 'duplicate' to display a duplicate of the grid reference inside the clip cube. This is useful when drawings are split across a number of sheets (match lines etc.) where the grid referencing needs to be continued,

e. auto dimensioning as a sub-option to the smart grids menu,


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