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Section Tool Update

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 2:26 am
by Mark Bell
For those that use DataCAD smart entities in combination with standard 3D entities for design/modelling/documentation there's the potential to improve the current Section Tool and output sections particularly with larger models. The attached summary below shows 2 possible enhancements:

1. Add Sep. Layers to allow the output section to separate the foreground info where the section cutline is made, the background info and the hatch or fill used with the additional option of having the hatch with a separate outline as currently exists. These extra layers would be appended to the active layer name for easy identification,

2. Add Hatch by Color to allow a simple hatch to color assignment where the output section applies a pre-selected hatch pattern to a pre-selected entity color. This allows floor slabs to be modelled in a specific color then have a specific hatch pattern, say concrete applied. Different wall types can be modelled in specific colors and have corresponding hatch patterns applied.

These improvements would help the output section to be more readily usable on drawings and reduce the post editing time to make them usable.

102820 SECTIONTOOL.jpg