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#79348 by Mark Bell
Tue Feb 09, 2021 11:54 pm
It's been noticed that if the Symbol Browser is open and a symbol in a drawing is edited to open it in its own drawing window (ctrl-right click and Edit), the time taken to 'release' the crosshair can be 'lengthy' if the SB has many symbols in the open folder. If the on-screen symbol is nested, then opening each successive symbol in its own DSF window duplicates this 'lag' time before the crosshair is released. It appears each time a symbol is opened in its own DSF window, the SB refreshes all symbols inside the open folder, and when there are many symbols this causes the delay?

Wishlist - in situations where a symbol is opened in its own DSF window, remove the Refresh of the open SB. It's not needed when editing a symbol or nested symbol. This should remove the delays in waiting for the crosshair to release, noted above.

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