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#79805 by George Robertson
Sat Jun 05, 2021 7:28 pm
i am a retired Architect, 75 years old located in North Plains Oregon. I am doing Facilities Documentation and Repairand Maintenence Documentation and just beginning some pseudo GIS documentation of fragments of the site infrastructure at Mountaindale Sun Resort, an established Nudist Recreational Club on an approximately 100 acre site.


As a member, I do my work for the club Pro Bono. A collaborator would be paid at their billing rate for their work. At this time i would not expect the volume of work to be very significant, however it may rise over time or for a large project or suddenly should something normal like dropping dead at my age happen.
At my age, it would be irresponsible not to find someone with appropriate skills to share workload who would be familiar enough with the documents and the software used to create them. So that the Club can have access the records were I to be unavailable. Someone living in Southwestern Washington State or Northwestern Oregon would be ideal but, in these days of Zoom and everything by wire, Skills and interest in the work could widen the reach of this search.
i am using ver 17 in Win 7pro but I will upgrade to ver 22 still in Win 7pro if possible , as soon as I find a suitable skilled DataCAD collaborator. A experienced person at least 20 years my junior, a civil engineer, registered in Oregon, would be by far the most perfect collaborator partner. But I think General Contractors and Architects familiar with primarily wood framed and block masonry structures would be appropriately skilled.
if you fit the profile, are out there and interested in this do let me know.

Contact: George Robertson, khyimo@gmail.com

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