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#77712 by dhs
Sat Mar 07, 2020 3:00 pm
Just wondering if anybody else has experience with using modelling matrix functions in D4D, and specifically the invert function (TPFinvert = function(matin: modmat; var matout: modmat; var determ: double): boolean;).

I have code which creates and then inverts a modelling matrix. It works correctly in Classic DCAL, but when the same logic is converted to D4D the invert function return value is false.

It appears to me that the return value of the D4D invert function is incorrect: The resulting matout parameter appears to be valid and correct and the determ parameter is returning a value of 1 (which suggests that the invert was processed correctly). When I use the resulting inverted matrix the results are as expected if the invert was successful.

For now I am just ignoring the function return value, but wondered if anybody else had any insight into this?

David H.

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