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Exploding Cylinders & Cones

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:44 pm
by dhs
I guess this is a question for Dave, but maybe somebody else can throw some light on it?

When I explode a closed cylinder or cone using DCAL in DataCAD 19 (and presumably other versions from 14 onwards), the cover is created as a polygon with 37 points ( 38 points for a cone). This happens even though the divisions is set to 36 for the entity.
This is an issue because Classic DCAL cannot handle polygons with more than 36 points.

I am wondering what the purpose of these extra points is (if they have a purpose) ? Is there any reason why they cannot be created with a number of points matching the number of divisions in the curved entity?

Also on the subject of the cover, it is created with every side hidden. Although the DataCAD interface has a Show Edge option on the Polygon Edit menu, it appears that this is unusable as it is not possible to select a hidden edge (presumably the select process is looking at the display list but the invisible edge is not in the display list). Has anybody else experience this inability to unhide a polygon edge?