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#72890 by dhs
Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:55 pm
Am wondering if anybody else has used ent_tran procedure?
I have found that I get different results if I use ent_tran to move/rotate some entities to what I get if I use the same transformation on a symbol (where the symbol contains the exact same entity which that I tried to ent_tran).
I am not using ent_tran on the symbol - I am simply assigning the modelling matrix to the symmod field of the symbol entity and that is working perfectly.
But when I use ent_tran on individual entities I am getting variable (and often incorrect) results with the same modelling matrix.
The entity types I am using are entln3 & entpln. I was pleased to see that ent_tranok returned true for polylines (which are not mentioned in the DCAL manual, but I think the modelling matrix for them was introduced in DataCAD13 so I expected that it might now be ok), but disappointed to find that the results were not correct (even with the basic 3d line entities).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

David H

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