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#78696 by dhs
Sat Sep 05, 2020 3:56 pm
I thought I may have posted something similar to the previously, but cannot find the post so assume that I didn't ...

I have come across a problem with ent_extent when used to calculate the extents of polylines containing bulges.

I first came across the problem with a polyline with a single curved side (created by selecting F3 Curves from the Polyline menu). For this polyline the X & Y values of the returned Min & Max points returned by ent_extent are identical to each other (and are in fact the X & Y values of the point of the second polyvert in the polyline). Only the Z values of the returned Min & Max points are different to each other (and correctly correspond to plbase and plnhite for Min and Max respectively).

This symptom of returning the second point of the polyline for both the Min and Max points returned by ent_extent is not consistent for other polylines that I have tested, but what is consistent is that ent_extent returns invalid extents for polylines where a curved side is the last side in the polyline (seems to calculate correctly for a curved sided in the middle of the line or for a curved side at the start when the line has more than one side).

This problem is occuring for me in a D4D macro (haven't tested Classic DCAL).

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