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#50237 by gfinn
Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:04 pm
Hi everybody!
Yep... I still use Datacad after all this time. It must be coming up on 18 years now snce I bought Dcad v4... and it came with REAL printed User guides! Woohoo!

Trying to import gdn drawings. I can write them into DWG format.. but when I try to import into Dcad V12 I get a message:
"Unable to save drawing due to insufficient disk space. Please save your drawing to a differnt location"

I dont have insufficient disk space and when I open the drawing I get an assortment of flyspecs and entities.. a real mess. At least the dimensions seem to have been imported.

I opened the gdn file again.. wrote it again into a dwg file, this time with all the xref's merged into the one DWG file.. brilliant! EXCEPT this time the associated dimensions didn't come in.

The latter method seems to work best... but do I really have to regenerate dimensions for 165 new kitchens? I mean.. c'mon people! HELP!

Gazza :wink:
#50242 by gfinn
Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:27 pm
I had to export the file again from DGN... and from the import menu in Datacad - set the import fonts to Romans.

For those of you who need to import DGN files via DWG files to AEC files.. here's what you do:

In Microstation: Get your consultant to EXPORT to DWG with the following Options:
In the general tab: Make sure Dimensions "save active dimension settings" is toggle OFF.

In the references Tab: Make sure that all attachments are set to "Merge", and toggle on: convert reference files, Allow optimized Clip; Unnest; Merge display levels only.

#50246 by MtnArch
Thu Sep 16, 2010 9:55 pm
Thanks for the "tutorial" on what to set for the import! I haven't had the joy of dealing with DGN files, but it's nice to know what I'll need to do to get them imported when I do!

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