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#52434 by dmax
Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:12 am
I upgraded to X3 from DataCAD 11. I had DCAD 12 Test Drive loaded at one time.
After the upgrade to X3, the Icons for my DWG files remained the 11 icon before I chose X3 as the default program.
When creating a new file or importing a DWG file, DCAD immediately jumps to a file already open or to the empty DCAD screen.
My X3( does open old and new DXF files properly. DXF files are listed with the X3 icon.
Under "Open With" I do have a DATACAD.exe option w/ the 11 icon before it.
I have yet to try to open any old DWG's with my 11 Hardlock in place. (If I choose DATACAD.exe I get the "Hardlock not found" window)
Even files I have exported to DWG format in the past will not open, nor files I have received and opened in the past.
Please advise.
Does this sound like a complete un-install / re-install procedure is necessary?
I would like to eliminate the inconvenience to my AutoCAD associates having to call back and ask for different formats.
Not to mention losing the ability to review the older files.

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