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#63328 by lswatts
Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:24 pm
What is the best procedure to import a PDF drawing into Datacad?

I need to make some changes to the site plan and all I have is a pdf.

Is it better to convert it into a cad format, or keep it as an image file in datacad?


#63332 by seasdes
Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:40 pm
You may have to work in image format unless you can get the original CAD file. However, beware working with images in DataCAD can be slow. Unless someone can show me how to speed it up.
#63333 by REX PEET
Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:02 am
Try Any pdf converter here

Or try this from Mark Toce

DataCAD cannot import a PDF directly, but you can use Adobe Reader to select information, copy it to the Windows Clipboard, and then paste it as an image into a DataCAD drawing.

To insert an image of your PDF:
1. Open your PDF in Adobe Reader.
2. Set the Zoom percentage to at least 100%.
o Note:A higher percentage will result in a better quality image, but if the percentage is too high, you will get no image. Some trial and error may be required to achieve the desired result. It is OK if you cannot see the entire drawing on the screen.
3. Click the Tools menu, mouse over Select & Zoom, and then choose Snapshot Tool.
4. Press [Ctrl]+[a] on the keyboard to Select All.
5. Press [Ctrl]+[c] on the keyboard to Copy the information to the Windows Clipboard.
6. Activate your DataCAD drawing and choose Paste Special from the Edit pull-down menu.
7. In the Paste Special dialog, set the format to Bitmap Image and click OK.
8. DataCAD will display the Save Image As… dialog. Type a name for the image file and select a folder in which to save it, then click Save.
9. Decide whether to draw the image with an “Outline” or with “No Outline,” and whether to use a “Fixed Ratio.” Pick two points to define the rectangular box in which to display the image.
DataCAD adds an image of the PDF document to the drawing. The next step is to enlarge (or reduce) the image to the proper scale.
#63334 by wvar
Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:28 am
Yes Rex Mark's method is ok if you only need to import the pdf to trace over. Using Mark's method imports the image at 72 dpi which is not much good if you want to print out a high quality image. If you want to print a high quality image the image may need to be resized to 200 - 300 dpi. This is when DataCad bogs down when panning and zooming. This is an issue that I hope gets fixed soon.

My 2 cents worth.

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