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#69798 by cgarchitect
Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:58 pm
I am trying to import / open a autocad file that has references and am having problems. I have been a datacad user for a while. Need to help out a fellow architect who uses autocad. Here are the problems.
1. the sheet file has missing references such as the floor plan and border. No to much of a problem. Convert those files and repath.
2. Since acad uses model space / paper space when xref files are attached no clip cubes are there, just the whole file. I am guessing that datacad doesnt convert the acad viewport to a clip cube.
3. I can fix the above problems but I did notice that the datacad file only shows one attachment of a xref even if the xref is brought in several times into the sheet.
4. A lot of text seems to be missing. Seems odd. Is there a possible problem with the font conversion?

5. If all else fails, is there any low cost cad programs which will bring in xref files and have model / paper space like autocad? This would be a short term fix. Use dcad on all other projects.

#69800 by MtnArch
Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:29 am
For #4 the missing text most likely was created in PaperSpace. If you checked 'Move Drawing to Origin' it is likely very tiny and will be at or near absolute 0,0.

There are some alternatives that you could use as an interim stop-gap, but if you'll be doing work on the files it may be better to bite the bullet and purchase a license of BricsCAD.

Good luck!
#69801 by Mark F. Madura
Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:42 am
Depending on your needs, you can use one of the following which are free...

Teigha Viewer

DraftSight Free


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