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#79728 by ROBERT PENN
Mon May 10, 2021 2:50 am
Hi all,

Looking for some advice on whether there is an easy way to import a survey drawing from Autocad that has approximately 50 different linetypes in it.
The linetypes come in as solid lines. Is there some way of importing them as their correct linetype.
I know you can map the linetypes to Datacad linetypes that I already have, but this file has about 6 different linetypes for each service. ie ungerground elec, overhead elec, obsolete elec, existing elec, proposed elec etc. etc. etc.
I don't have that many elec linetypes to map!! along with sewer, stormwater, gas et al.
Do I have to create a new linetype for each and everyone of these acad linetypes (very time consuming) and then map them once created or is there some other way Datacad can create them during the import?

Any help would be appreciated.
#79729 by Mark Bell
Mon May 10, 2021 4:43 am
Hi Robert,

If you go to the Tools/Program Preferences/DXF DWG tab, Import Method and check the Automatic option is selected. There's only one option available on my system for the Translator Settings File which is set to Transfer. That should do it. You might request the DWG be resaved in an earlier version but otherwise it should import correctly, especially survey files which are usually straight forward and done in AutoCAD not Revit. Also check the sWOTHLUDFBK is toggled on (U=user defined line types) or look in the Display menu. I'm not aware of any line type import limits so hopefully the above can point you in the right direction.

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