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Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:53 pm
This subject came up on the DBUG Forum this week so I thought I'd also post my response here.

Creating Your Own Textures:

Creating seamless textures can be a very painstaking process. I authored more than 200 for DataCAD 12. They were derived mostly from digital photographs. A few such as TC300-MissionRed and ChainLink100 were created from DataCAD models.

The first problem I address is lens distortion and vignetting (where the image is darker at the outer edges). These defects become glaringly obvious when the image is repeated. I process most of my RAW images with DxO Optics Pro. This takes care of lens distortion based on my camera body/lens combination, vignetting, and other issues.

DxO Optics Pro

The next problem I address is perspective distortion. DxO now has a program called ViewPoint, but I most often use Corel PaintShop Photo Pro's Perspective Correction Tool (formerly PaintShop Pro). This allows me to 'square up' elevation views that fall off in three point perspective.

Corel PaintShop Photo Pro

I also use PhotoShop Elements and PhotoShop for image processing.

If I'm making a pattern such as brick or tile, I'll extract individual bricks and tiles out of the image and use Bricks'nTiles to generate random patterns. This program includes options for 'flipping' and 'mirroring' and varying the tone of each brick.


For ivy, grass, and water, I've had success with a program called Genetica. There are three editions but I used the Basic version. You can create textures 'programmatically' where the results are based on a series of adjusters and filters. It is geared toward people who need to make textures for computer games. One of the features I've used is called Texture Synthesis where you start with a photo of grass, gravel, sand, or leaves, then let the tool convert it to a seamless texture.


I created CT_Mix100 gravel pattern using Corel PaintShop Photo Pro's Photo Tube feature. Other paint programs have a similar brush. Each stone is an individual PNG file with a transparent background. Then as you paint with the brush, the stones 'spray' out one at a time from the 'nozzle' at random.

I also experimented with a program called Texture Maker. It's still available as a free download, but sadly it has not been updated since July 2007. What I liked about it was the ability to see the tiling results dynamically as you create the pattern. It also has a photo tube type brush called 'Stickers'.

Texture Maker

There are also more manufacturer websites that provide 'Architect' or 'Designer' sections which include seamless textures and 3D models of their products though you might have to hunt a bit to find them. The Eldorado Stone site comes to mind where you'll find seamless textures and hatch patterns hidden in the 'Downloads' section.

I also found a brick pattern creation software:

Acme Masonry Designer

Belden Masonry Designer

Filter Forge
A plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

Here are some of the sites I came across during my search for textures.

Google Image Search
Search Images for 'Seamless Textures'. Expand Search Tools and narrow your search by Size, Color, and Type.
You can also drag-n-drop images you see in the browser window into the Search Bar to 'Search by Image'.

SketchUp Texture Warehouse

Grunge Textures

Lost & Taken


Texture Warehouse



Absolute Textures

Arroway Textures

Dosch Design


This is actually a desktop wallpaper subscription for your computer or phone but they offer 30,000 patterns.

Marlin Studios

This is actually a texture generation program but I've never used it.

RealWorld Imagery
You might remember these guys from the Visual Reality days.

Sub Dimension Studios

The 3D Studio



Ultimate 3D Links
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