Support on o2c files (Objects 2 See) and o2c Interactive!
#71521 by DBrennfoerder
Sun May 21, 2017 10:37 am
It looks like the latest o2c post was a long time ago.
Can we still send models to anyone easily in a format that they can easily see?
I haven't even tried that for several years.
Word used to have an option to embed objects, I'm not even sure if that capability is there.
I had high hopes for Kubity, but they quickly went to a paid format. Free was nice.

What options are left to send an interactive 3d model client that they can easily see on iPhone, iPad, laptop, without special software?
#71523 by Mark Bell
Sun May 21, 2017 5:29 pm
We've been emailing either the O2CSetup or the O2C2GO (or include a direct download link off DataCAD's webpage) with some simple how to use instructions. If Sunshader continues to be developed I'd like to see the ability to create animations, either around the building or as a fly-through, including animated sun paths, then email an mp3 or other format. I've found in the past, most clients aren't too adept with CAD and struggle with navigating the O2C walk through. Providing a number of short animations takes away their inability to manouevre through the building as it's done for them. I had a of success years ago (DataCAD v8) with the Visual Reality suite and the animations it could produce. It would be go to see DataCAD incorporate something along these lines, even if it's only Quickshader quality as a starter.
#71526 by DBrennfoerder
Sun May 21, 2017 10:10 pm
I asked if it was dead because the latest post re: o2c was over a year old, so not much current discussion, probably means not much current usage. I'd like to be able to send the client something easy to use and not have them be required to download a plug-in for their Word document, their web page, or whatever.
I'm intrigued that you create a series of short animations. I was also getting pretty good at making animations using the old VR suite.
My technique now is to create my best model in DataCAD, export a 3ds model and load it into Kerkythea, a free rendering program. I've purchased their paid version, Thea Render, but still haven't had time to learn it as well.
Kerkythea matches my DataCAD color model, but with some effort, I can revise colors and textures, but not very good at that either, so I usually just go with the DataCAD model colors and surfaces.
All I have to do in Kerkythea is to place a couple of lights into the scene and then position any number of cameras where I want some "key" camera positions. It will interpolate accurately the camera and viewpoint positions between each key location. It will render fairly rapidly and any of a number of preset resolutions a file full of images in sequence.
Then my problem begins. I have to find a program to put the images into an animation format. It seems about the time I find a freebie that works, they change it and I have to try something else. What do you use to create your animation?
I've tried "Windows Movie Maker", using .03 sec per slide for transitions, and "Make AVi", "VideoPad Video Editor", and "Video Edit Magic". I don't remember what worked best last time I tried.
This is a link to a recent one that worked pretty well: https://brennfoerderarchitects.sharefil ... 16bd140bcb
#71532 by Mark Bell
Mon May 22, 2017 6:39 am
We still use O2C regularly for checking the design as it's being modelled as it's quick and easy. I don't expect many more upgrades to O2C within DataCAD which is a shame as it's a trusty viewer. I'm trying to use Sunshader more but it's problematic so switch between the two. I did use Kerkythea a number of years ago when my previous office was exploring a replacement to Visual Reality. We ended up getting Maxwell Render and it works well with DataCAD. It's a pity there's no direct link between the two packages as there are with some other CAD software.
I've found an earlier project on my pc- ... which was done using Visual Reality. It's still presentable but lacks a lot of the quality newer renderers are capable of. ... done on Maxwell, though you wouldn't be doing this on your work pc!~ If the work is only conceptual then the animation will be done in house, otherwise it'll be outsourced to a professional company with the right hardware etc.
#71533 by DBrennfoerder
Mon May 22, 2017 7:41 am
Certainly, for sure. I use o2c all the time for checking my 3d development during conceptual work and have often used the Sunshader for still shots to send to client, but it can't set camera ability. That dropbox zip file won't run on my Dell, says some file missing. I have the same problem with my own animations and haven't had time to track down the Codec it needs. That port house animation must have been a multi-thousand $$ render. Wow!
Mp4's are small files. What do you use to produce mp4 animations?
#71541 by Robert Scott
Mon May 22, 2017 5:47 pm
If O2C is not not dead it is certainly on life support. Recently I have trouble opening O2C files and it hasn't become a priority for me to track down the issue.
Looking back at my emails I tired to use O2C on my ipad and was experiencing crashes. This was also confirmed by other users. I sent a email of to the developers who confirmed the problem and they indicated they would get back with me. This was February of 2015....sigh.

I use Kubity almost daily and very rarely have an issue. It painless for client to view and operate and instructions are right on the screen. Cross platform also.
$200 a year for unlimited use...chicken feed for the return I'm seeing in the tool and the cash flow keeps the Kubity development marching forward.

#71543 by Mark Bell
Mon May 22, 2017 6:02 pm
I used the Windows Media Player to view the animation. You can also try the freeware Irfanview which opens just about anything and also supports video playback of the animation.
Another freeware/open source renderer and animation software is Blender which I've played around with in the past.
There's conversion software that converts AVI to MP4 etc.
If clients want the high end stuff then we'd outsource it to firms like which have the hardware and resources to produce all the visuals.
We do the smaller work inhouse and mainly focus on renders as that appears to be the bulk of the market at present. Other software like Lumion are now becoming more popular but that appears all cloud based.
#71576 by DBrennfoerder
Wed May 24, 2017 11:49 am
Robert, I may have to look at Kubity again. I balked when they went to the paid program, and never did figure how qVR connected, but it seems that Kubity is back. $200 covers any/all models?
#71577 by Robert Scott
Wed May 24, 2017 12:06 pm
$199 for a yearly subscription or $20 per monthly.
Kubity is still very much in transition...with each new release the graphics get better to they find a way to lose a valuable feature.
Overall we are very happy with Kubity and I think it is here for a long time.


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