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#78854 by Richard Mauser
Thu Oct 01, 2020 6:38 pm
Hi all,

I recently got a "internal diagnostics fault 19 Error from: 736" message when I try to close a file and save it, but I can "save as", however the same thing happens with the new file that I saved it as. Using a copy that I made as a "Save As" while not in the process of closing the file, I started deleting layers to try to find the bad one.
I was working only on one layer. I then saved that layer, and then deleted the layer. Same problem. So I created one empty layer and deleted all of the other layers. With only the empty layer in the file, same problem.
I opened two different files and closed them, saving them, and there was no problem.
I then saved all the layers and loaded them into a new file. That saves when closing. (although for the file size, it seems to take longer than I would expect)

Does anyone have an explanation for what happened?

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