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#81390 by dhs
Sat Aug 20, 2022 3:55 pm
Probably my last word on this (in this thread at any rate :) ):

I have added some HATCH PATTERN CREATOR pages to my website:

  1. Rectangle Hatches. This page allows you to create simple rectangle hatches. I noticed that DataCAD installs several square tile hatches but only a couple of rectangle hatches (both at 2:1 length to width ratio), so I think there may actually be reasonable use for this page to create rectangles at any desired aspect ratio. It allows you to specify both horizontal and vertical size as well as optionally allowing an offset between adjacent rows (to create brick patterns etc).

  2. Circle Hatches. This page basically replicates the logic in the Excel file I previously posted, but allows hatch patterns to be created and downloaded from the web page. Hopefully some people may find uses for these (and the ellipse) hatches, although they were in fact written more to satisfy my own interest in doing so rather than to fulfil any real demand for them ...

  3. Ellipse Hatches. Similar to the circles page, but with different spacing/placement options. It can be used to create ellipses or circles (circles are created by specifying equal values for height and width).

David H.

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