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#83069 by Richard Mauser
Thu Jun 20, 2024 10:52 am
Hi all,
Am I the only person to have zero results from trying to use RevSurf? Probably. Read on.
1) I have an open polyline at Z-base=0. I select that polyline
2) I choose Z base button
3) RevSurf does not have any way of setting where the axis of the sweep is to take place.... (WTH?)
4) I select either closed ends or closed sides. It makes no difference in the lack of results.
5) I set the primary and secondary divisions.
6) I exit. and voila --- nothing happens. (shouldn't there be a "start" button before exiting, just so it makes sense? regardless, nothing happens.)

Okay... After selecting the polyline, a little message pops up at the bottom of the screen to select the 2 points that defines the axis. Got it now. Read the fine print. BUT, the Datacad 17 manual doesn't include that very necessary step. I'm not bitter about that. Much. Well, yes. Yes I am. Who writes these manuals, anyway?
#83070 by joshhuggins
Thu Jun 20, 2024 12:52 pm
Hi Richard,

You are correct, this set of instructions could use a little clarification in a couple of steps. Looking at the v23 manual on page 458, what I find when stepping thru them is:

- Step 3 tells you to click Exit, but that step is only needed if you are creating your revolved surface from a new temp polyline using the tool. If you use the SELECT option to select an existing polyline, it jumps back to the menu showing the surface of revolution options in steps 4-8. You do not want to click Exit at that point if selecting an existing polyline as it resets the tool. I think steps 2-3 should be reworded a bit something like this:

2a. To create a revolved surface using an existing polyline, you can use SELECT to select your existing polyline. Go to step 3
2b. To create a new object cross section, start drawing a new temporary polyline to define your section. You can use BACKUP and CANCEL while creating the polyline. Choose EXIT or RIGHT CLICK when done creating the section. Go to step 3.
3. The surface of revolution options may now be set. (the Open, Closed Side, Closed End options are available earlier, but logically it makes sense to address all the options at this point so the user can relate to their shape if they just created it)
(Steps 4-8 remain as is)

- Step 9 was probably supposed to be part of step 3 if you are creating a new temp polyline. Since that is taken care of in 2b now, step 10 can move up and be made a little clearer.

9. When done setting the Surface of Revolution options, select two points for the axis of revolution. The action here is to spin the polyline profile around the axis of revolution, sweeping out a solid in the process.

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