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#336 by Brian Engebretson
Thu Feb 17, 2005 5:43 pm
I noticed this a while back but never got around to asking about it. I’m using v11.05.02, but some where back in the course of upgrading, my Insulation line type developed an extra dash down the center. Does everyone have this? Can I get rid of it?

Thanks again

#343 by Neil Blanchard
Thu Feb 17, 2005 7:00 pm
Hello Brian:

I dunno why or how that happened, but you can replace the contents of the DLT file with this:

[Line Definition]
Seg1=100 -0.9999996
Seg2=0.180000120577698 0.0399999684126642
Seg3=0.1799999096286 0.120000177871976
Seg4=0.0999999172695333 0.19999993207743
Seg5=-7.679445217824E-8 0.219999899999987
Seg6=-0.420000514288879 0.839999239125064
Seg7=1.34706637690144E-17 0.2199999
Seg8=0.0999999521761049 0.199999914624149
Seg9=0.179999931143415 0.119999965322353
Seg10=0.179999911377654 0.0399999878584575
Seg11=0.179999911377654 -0.0399999878584575
Seg12=0.179999931143415 -0.119999965322353
Seg13=0.0999999172695333 -0.19999993207743
Seg14=1.34706637690144E-17 -0.2199999
Seg15=-0.419998914049157 -0.839999703834691
Seg16=3.83972260604768E-8 -0.219999899999997
Seg17=0.0999999521761049 -0.199999914624149
Seg18=0.179999930572579 -0.120000146456064
Seg19=0.179999911377654 -0.0399999878584575

And that should do it...
#367 by Brian Engebretson
Fri Feb 18, 2005 11:41 am
Thanks Neil, one last question. I replaced the contents of the DLT file with your info. It works now, but only in drawings that had no previous Insulation lines drawn. In most existing drawings, DataCAD remembers the old way with the extra dash. I’m guessing it’s the embedded linetype thing going on. I did a Change/Linetype thinking that would cause DataCAD to re-look at the line type definition, but that didn’t work. I tried a purge also, but no luck there. Anyway to get DataCAD to forget the old linetypes and just go with the current ones?

I can live with it the way it is. It’s more of a curiosity than anything.

Thanks again for your help.
#371 by Tony Blasio
Fri Feb 18, 2005 12:49 pm
If you go into the Linetype manager you can select the linetype from the top box and click on reload. This should swap the new definition over the old version.

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