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#61318 by datahogg
Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:24 am
Linux seems to have many positives when compared to the windows OS. Will Datacad 14 run in linux??

thanks H. Hampton.
#61328 by Neil Blanchard
Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:21 am

You would need something like CrossOver by Codeweavers to simulate a Windows environment, and you would have to have the softlock. I have been meaning to try this, but I no longer have a Linux computer. I did use Ubuntu and CrossOver to run DataCAD 12 LT - the key feature being that it had no hardlock - and it worked pretty well. There is no chance for the hardlock to work, because the Linux Aladdin driver won't work because DataCAD is running in Windows, and the Windows Aladdin driver can't "see through" Linux.

The softlock driver *should* work, though it would have to be tested.
#79531 by Neil Blanchard
Sat Mar 27, 2021 10:06 pm
My son Nicolas has successfully installed and run DataCAD 22 is Linux (Arch Linux in this case) with WINE. The online license works, and DataCAD boots and opens drawings, etc. So, back in the day when we had USB hardlock (or *gasp* parallel port hardlocks), the snag trying to run in Linux was the hardlock driver. Now, that issue is moot.
#79770 by melina
Thu May 20, 2021 12:02 pm
Last year, I got Datacad 21/22 to work in Linux Mint under Wine with only a couple of issues.

Minor: The symbol browser file browser refused to use the default symbol path in preferences and sent me deep into the Home directory; I had to find my way back each time. This would be an easy toolbar customization fix. And Favorites works well too.

Major: The newer embedded o2c-Interactive, Quick o2c, and Shader wouldn't work/crashed. o2c in the Materials or Smart Entity Managers were fine, as was SunShader. Free-standing o2c-Interactive worked perfectly too. In the end, I determined this had to do with the age of the laptop I was using and the OpenGL 2.0 standard it was limited too. I discovered this when I also installed Sketchup (which purports to work excellently with Wine) and gave me an error message stating that OpenGL 3.0 was required and that it "would now close." Sketchup then refused to start again, even to give me the same error message - lol.

It should be noted that I got better results with Wine 5.14 than Wine 5.0 - in that earlier version, none of the o2c worked (they are on 6.0 now). Experimentation is the key at this point.

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