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#62098 by arizonasand
Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:32 pm
I am using version 14 and placing smart walls and doors and for the most time they work great. Some times when placing multiple windows of the same type on a common wall, seems like some of the openings for the windows are cut and some are not. I can place a window or a door on a wall and then it looks fine in the o2c viewer and then I will keep working and go back and try to place a or or window it doesnt cut out all the openings. Ialso have noticed that if I export the file out to sketch up and view it sometimes I get the same result and sometimes it cuts out the opening but the glass seems to be solid and not transparent. I am using sketch up for the viewer because it seems to be a lot better for viewing the 3d models. If anyone has any thoughts let me know. If you need a screen shot let me know.

p.s. dont know if this is a version 14 flaw or if the later version fixes some of these bugs. I am just starting to get into the 3d modeling and materials.

PJ 8)
office small.JPG
All of these storefront windows are the same but notice some that still show wall
office small.JPG (3.47 KiB) Viewed 3820 times

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