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#63241 by David Porter
Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:34 am
Love that we can now name the multi-view windows (MVW). I have found, however, that after naming a MVW, each time that window gets updated or a new view-in is made for that named window, it gets cumbersome to have to hit enter to re-accept the name for the window. Most of the time, I will make a new view-in for that same window just to get a different view of the same information and where I don't want to rename the window. It will still be my ceiling plan, for example, but where I want to zoom into a different area of the ceiling plan. I would like to see that pop up not come up and it then saves one step. If I want to rename that window, I can right click on the window and then select rename. I find I do the renaming thing much, much less than I do new view-in's for the same MVW.

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