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#64908 by Neil Blanchard
Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:00 pm

I have a roughly rectangular partial plan that is drawn in a vertical orientation (because of where it is in the building as a whole), and I need to rotate it on the MSP plot sheet so the right side is at the bottom. When I place a door marker symbol, it orients to the drawing correctly, but in the MSP detail (which is rotated 270 degrees) it appears so that is is read from the left side of the sheet. The convention I try to adhere to is to make all text and dims readable from the bottom or the right side of the sheet.

Can this be done with a setting change, or do I need to rotate the symbol?

Edit: it gets much trickier with dimensions. Vertical dims on the drawing become horizontal on the rotated MSP detail - but horizontal dims read from the left side of the sheet. Sorta' upside down ...

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