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How to add sub-menu's

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:14 pm
by The Canuck
Recently I had to wipe the computer of Windows 10 and start fresh. Some update got screwed up and I wasn't able to go back... so a refresh of the system was in order.

In my previous version of DCAD 16, I had the option of changing the scale within the Text menu. Now that I have re-loaded everything, I am missing that option, and it forces me to go into Plotter, adjust scale, then go back to Text. Is there an easy way to basically copy the "Scale" button and all its info/order of scales, and add it under the text menu?

Or am I missing something new(er)? Guess I am/was so used to that feature when I was using DCAD 11, I sort of miss it in 16.