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#71012 by ELIofVA
Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:30 pm
I am currently using Dcad 15. I have lost my knowledge of how to put near white text on a black fill. I have attempted to do this by specifying a color 30 to a pin with map to color checked for pin number with color specified R-254, G-255, B-255. The text I am using is from a paste from a word document. This used to work unless I am forgetting something. I have print fills first checked in pen table form. The text is on a different layer than the fill. Thanks for considering my problem.
#71013 by Mark Bell
Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:01 am
HI Eli,
I assume you're referring to TTF so here goes-
1. Create your polyline shape, say a rectangle, (Alt + A, then Polyline),
2. Ctrl + right click over the polyline and pick SPB fill and change to Yes, then Fill Settings\Change then tick Solid Pattern Fill and pick the shaded rectangle for Fill Color and pick color 16 (black),
3. Alt + T for text, then Font to open the menu the tick TTF and pick a TTF from the Font List (say Arial),
4. Under True Type Fill / Outline, untick Fill with current color, then pick the shaded square on the left to open the Color Palette,
5. Pick color 30 (near white), then Custom to open the Color Picker. The RGB should all be 255. Just pick OK to close, then OK to close the Palette, then OK to close the Font menu,
6. Type some text over the shaded polyline (note, you can always pick the Icon Move entities to back) then the polyline to place it behind the text,
7. Pick Quicklayout and you should have white text on a black background.

.....I've had your issue and believe the color doesn't always register properly when opening the Color Palette - I have to open the Color Picker then close it without adjusting anything then the font accepts the color 30 setting. If I don't do this last item, I also get black on black.

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