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#71607 by gehlen designs
Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:53 pm
I cannot access any XREF files in my current drawing. I opened an old file and was able to access the XREF files in that drawing so that tells me there is something in the current file that I am working on that is corrupted. Also when saving the file when leavcing Datacad program it takes a lot longer to save then on other drawings so something is wrong. Anyone have any suggestions.
#71608 by Neil Blanchard
Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:08 pm
I would suggest using the Purge tool on the File menu - select all the layers, all the GTV's, all the MSP sheets, and all the Multi-View Windows. I would select Purge Empty or Unused symbols and line types and hatch patterns, at least. Then Save As a new AEC file.
#71614 by Mark Bell
Sat Jun 03, 2017 7:45 pm
It sounds like one or more of the xrefs has been corrupted. A way I've found to check this is to save out a DLF (layer file) of each xref then open an earlier drawing and do the same into a separate folder. You can then compare the file sizes of the saved-out xref layers. Generally, they should be small, around 16kB- 40kB or similar. If you have layers which are much larger then the xref has been corrupted, most likely from file crashes where DataCAD hasn't closed the drawing properly when it crashed.

1. Purge the current (slow to save) drawing file. Make sure no xrefs are on when purging as this also takes a long time to do,
2. Open the new drawing and pick Layers/Erase/ then one of the corrupted xref layers to clear the contents but retain the layer (useful if the layer is included in GTV's or MSP's etc.). Make it the active layer,
3. Pick Import/Replace to load the DLF of the same layer saved out from an earlier drawing,
4. Repeat for other corrupted xref layers,
5. Note, the xrefs from the earlier drawing(s) may need updating to include/exclude any layers that have been turned on/off that were present in the later drawing, but not the earlier one,
6. When purging or doing a save-and-exit, I'd suggest not having any xrefs active as they seem to slowdown the save procedure,

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