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#71617 by Gesang
Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:28 am
I am using DC17PE drawing architectural plans.
I am trying to change the line type for a layer of walls from solid line to a dashed or dotted line. I copied the whole walls layer to the joist layer so I could show the overlay of the walls and how they interact with the joists but I wanted the walls to be represented by dashed lines. When I make the change only one of the two lines changes to my new line type. The other line remains the solid line. Tried various ways and has me stumped. I went back to the walls layer and tried it there, thinking maybe when I copied the walls to the joists layer, they ceased to be walls and maybe lost some property. But the same thing happens on the walls layer also.
Any ideas guys?

Elliot Gesang
President and Architectural Designer
Gesang Remodeling
Graham WA 98338
#71649 by joshhuggins
Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:57 pm
A better way to do this would be to use a self xref. Create a layer named something like Framing Screen. Turn on only that layer then go up to Insert, Self Xref. Make sure F8 Nesting is turned off and then hit F1 Abs. Zero to insert the xref. In the Reference Manager, in the 2nd column check the boxes for the layer that your original wall lines live on and click the apply button. Then go down to the Highlighting section and check the XREF check box, then set the Linetype drop down to dashed, and then set the Color drop down to your desired color and then click OK. You should be left a screen which you can snap to and draw on top of. The big bonus is any changes you make to your original wall layer will be reflected in this self xref screen. Let us know if you have any questions getting this setup. Once you get the hang of this it makes drawing sooooo much easier and faster and avoids errors when changes get made down the road.

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