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#74466 by LD
Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:14 am
Wife gets me a new laptop for the beach house. I plan to be there for a month and work on DCAD. I started way back around v3, have upgraded since and now on v16. I understand about deactivating my PC to be able to use the program on another device but what's the best way to get the program and drawing files to the new laptop? Is it done by the cloud now? if I remember, the upgrades went from floppys to disks and downloads? Asking for help getting DCAD on the new device Thanks for any advice.
#74469 by Aaron Ben-Avraham
Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:57 am
Here is the link to the Datacad 16 setup file if you don't have it some where on you current system: ... AD_16.html
You will also want to download the most current update for your version once you have Datacad installed.

Once it is installed and updated, what I do to ensure that the new installation is the same as my current one is rename the newly installed Datacad folder (Should be C:\DataCAD 16 as the default unless you changed it ) to something like C:\---Dcad16---, then copy my existing install via the network (or you can use a USB Flash or external drive). Same with my drawings (and templates if you have them set up outside of the standard DataCAD file structure). Copy them to the same spot you have them on your current system and it should all work the same, including any xRefs you may have. It is usually a fairly simple and quick process. Once you have the new install working you can go back and delete the renamed Datacad folder. Other folks may have other maybe simpler suggestions, but this is what I've always done when setting up another system.

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