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Hinky polyline

PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:04 pm
by joeferguson
Greetings, the forum

Ran into an issue last week that I haven't seen in 14 years of DataCAD.

My work often requires me to download detail drawings from window manufacturers, then modify them to suit my client's requirements. Most often, these drawings are in .dwg format and they convert to .aec when I open them.

In my last project, I experienced a number of DataCAD crashes (more than a dozen), where the screen would go grey and I would have to restart DC. Finally got the project off and now am sorting out the why.

One of the issues I have come up with is a "poisoned" polyline that came from a .dwg import. I had to erase hundreds of other elements to discover this, but I have one polyline left that when I try to erase it, I get a crash every time. I tried to convert it to lines using Polyline Edit but still causes the crash.

So I resolved the issue by copying ALL of this project to a new file and left the rogue polyline in the old file, which I deleted. Problem solved.

Any ideas why this one polyline would cause these problems? And is there a more elegant fix than the one I came up with?


Re: Hinky polyline

PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:23 pm
by joshhuggins
Newer versions of Datacad have a repair function that might be able to catch this type of thing, but your coping everything else to a new file is a good way to handle it too.