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#79244 by Richard Mauser
Wed Jan 06, 2021 9:50 am
Hi all,

Apparently, I'm developing a habit of letting my right hand touch keys on the right side of the keyboard (directional keys) when I shouldn't, and it is causing drawings to crash. My bad. However, when I tried to reopen the AEC file, I get the message: "File was not closed properly. DataCad will attempt to recover the most recent copy of the file." That didn't work. When I tried to load the DBK or ARF file, it briefly shows the layer I was working on, followed by the pop up message "fault 10 Error from : 736" and then it crashes again. As I said, "my bad."

However, being too stubborn to give up, I went into the file folder and saw the AEC, DBK, ARF and an ARB file. Interestingly, the ARB file does not show up as a "supported file" option for file formats to load within the program. But being in a relatively desperate situation, I decided to copy the ARB file, and rename the copy with the AEC extension. And voila, the file worked fine, and I saved it as AEC format. This is a lesson for other people with unruly right hands or fingers.
This also worked for the ARF file, so look for the most recent time stamp on those files, and use the most recent one. Try it for both ARB and ARF. Its faster than redoing the work.

Can anyone tell me what the ARB file is and why the decision was made for it not to be listed as a supported file?

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