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#917 by deliriousga
Fri Mar 11, 2005 8:32 am
Has anyone tried the DataCAD Essentials Tutorial for DCAD 11? Is there another tutorial available that is good at walking you through step-by-step in a small project to help with understanding how it works?

We would like to start taking advantage of the rendering capabilities so we don't have to create elevations separately. From what I understand, if you lable everything properly on the floor plans it will create the elevation and even roof plans if you want it to. It would be great to drop those steps if possible.

#1002 by Mark Bell
Tue Mar 15, 2005 12:00 pm
Hi John,

I haven't used the v11 book, the only one I started with was by Carol Bruehrens back with v4, but essentially the modelling hasn't changed.
DataCAD is flexible in that it offers a few options to model:
a) you can change z-base and z-height of the 2D lines (into 2.5D),
b) you can go a step further with a) and explode to 3D faces/polygons then continue to model individual items as required using the 3D menu and macros such as AEC_Modl for inserting 3D doors/windows/voids,
c) you can model directly in 3D from the start and use clipcube to create plans and sections.
d) If using DataCAD Plus/Spirit, you can use ZAC which links the 2D with the 3D as you design.
e) We use DataCAD's Visual Reality (v8-v9) and o2c for rendering and have some good results.
f) I haven't drawn an elevation in over 12 years - everything we do is in 3D and all elevations and sections (and perspectives) are generated off the model.
You might try DataCAD's web site as I recall seeing some tutorials on different aspects of the package.

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