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#14909 by Dick Eades
Fri Nov 10, 2006 1:44 pm
Things have improved greatly when using polylines to get distances. An open polyline is no longer calculated as closed. Also voids are subtracted from areas now. Nice work Dave! Thank you.

However, (here comes the BUT) when I use Area/Perim to get the length of a polyline, there it is required to be closed. So, to get the length, I use Identify, but there it only returns whole inches and doesn't give the fraction if your scale type is set to Arch. Work around: set scale type to inch/frac.

Example, I want to make sure a piece of metal flashing, after bending doesn't exceed 24". Under Arch. I was getting a value returned of 2'-2", indicating a need for an adjustment of 2", but under inch/frac. the value returned is 26 7/8" showing that the adjustment instead needed to be 3".

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