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#75243 by Ted B
Mon Nov 26, 2018 1:59 pm
Is there a way to set-up Datacad for multiple configurations or multiple users?
- Maybe a recorded Macro?
- Keep Dcad-18 as dark-background, and install Dcad-20 as a separate installation with the light background?
It would be better to be able to just "toggle" back-n-forth as-needed.

I'd like to change-over my program preferences and pen-tables from a dark-background to a white background for greater flexibility between Datacad and Sketchup-Pro in 2019. But I have several decades of drawings that use a dark background and light-lines. I can change the preferences manually from the toolbar, but them I have to manually change-back to access older legacy drawings.

I"m finding that working simultaneously on the dark Prussian Blue background in Datacad and the white background in Sketch-up and Layout to be an strain on my aging eyes, ...especially late at night. Twenty years ago I worked in an office that used Datacad on a light-gray background as the office standard, so I have done it before. We used line-weights and black and gray lines rather than the panoply of colors for printed pen-table line-weights. I'm not-yet decided on using "White", or a very-pale Canary like sketch-paper as the background color. The only nuisance of using a non-white for the background is the default pen-color doesn't flip Color-"White" to Color-"Black". I have to use one of the custom-colors for "BlacK" instead on the color menus.

I necessarily don't want to change the older legacy drawings files. Just to use the light-background on any new drawings files or significant projects. Some of the symbol files will either need re-editing, or just duplicate them configured for the light background. In the early months there will be a lot of going back-n-forth, so it would be convenient to not have to manually reset every time, ...very time consuming.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
#75245 by joshhuggins
Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:17 pm
Sounds like an updated color palette is all that would be needed for a new background color, provided you have the following line set to FALSE in your dcadwin.ini file.
Code: Select all[PaletteFile]
Store In Drawing=FALSE
#75247 by Ted B
Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:50 pm
Josh, I'll try that. I suspected there must be a way.

If I understsnd you correctly, an older drawing file will open with my current (old) backround of Prussian Blue, and any drawings started with the new template will open with the light background. I've been wanting to change my office stadards for a while, but was stymied by the issue of legacy files and projects. If all goes well I'll have two cheat-sheets of line-colors and printer line-thickness heirarchies, ...and two separate pen-tables for printing.

The drawback of a one-Architect practice is that unless I have a large project underway, I just don't use Dcad enough hours every week to stay proficient, ...or to explore new features I haven't tried yet. Or just to remember, "...how did I do that last-time?". Every time I watch a YouTube of someone presenting using BIM for small projects my brain glazes-over, "...How am I supposed to remember all that?"

Even some of the BIM strategies for using Sketchup Pro and Layout seem to imply you need a dedicated full-time CAD drafter in your office. Maybe once you've done your twelfth house in BIM, ...but from out here it looks horribly intiminating...

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