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#79286 by joeferguson
Wed Jan 20, 2021 3:46 pm
This is the shape I couldn't fill properly
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Happy New Year everyone!

I have wondered about this one for years and finally decided to ask the forum.

When doing an spb fill on a shape that contains a small radius arc, I often, but not always am not able to execute the fill. By small, I am talking about less than 1/64". The program simply doesn't perform a fill using Contour Search.

I try to cheat the program by creating a polyline and then filling the entity, but DataCAD returns a similar but not exact shape, where the small radius arc is returned as a straight line instead of an arc.

By taking the time to write out this challenge, and examining my post to see if I had properly described the issue, I decided to try changing the accuracy in Settings. I changed to 1/256 and bingo! my shape was drawn accurately.

So this forum is helpful sometimes even before I post my question.

Thanks again for being there. I thought I should post this in case someone else might benefit from it.

#79302 by joeferguson
Fri Jan 22, 2021 10:05 pm

Changing accuracy in Settings does not work in more complex cases (with several curves of small radius).

However, I found another workaround: If I Enlarge the shape by a large factor, DataCAD will allow me to convert the lines into a polyline, then I can SPB fill the entity, then I need to shrink the entity by the inverse factor of my enlargement. The curves are returned accurately.

Takes quite a few extra keystrokes. Is there a more elegant way within DataCAD to achieve the same result?


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