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#83066 by GLanguell
Tue Jun 18, 2024 1:16 pm
I was VERY happy to see that DataCAD exports to 3D STL file format! Or at least I was until I tried to bring it in to Cura, a 3D slicer. When I bring the drawing in to the slicer, the slicer recognizes the 3D slab. But does not recognize what are holes and what is not to be cut away...or what's left to actually print.

I'm not real good with the 3D functions in DataCAD, I've always lived in the 2D world. What do I need to do to make the drawing actually work? I'm not having any luck hatching or using SPB-Fills.

Anyone have any clues? My goal here is not to have to learn a new CAD program like TinkerCAD or FreeCAD. I have twenty plus years working with DC! Ultimately this part will be cut on a plasma CNC machine I'm building.

Thanks for the help!
Plate is 1/8" thick metal plate
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