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#69725 by pjc_architect
Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:09 pm
Clipit was not working for me either. I am using DataCad 18 and I still like my vintage tools because I am used to them. Here was the problem for me: Clipit would go through its passes, then without completing the clip, would be ready for me to input the next clip. I could not copy, move, delete, whatever. If my boundary was on, it would just show up and I could do another one, but it was not working. If I hit refresh, all the boundaries I would draw would clear away. But I found a workaround. As it was going though its clipit pass process, I hit delete and for some reason it completed its process and allowed me to move the clip where I wanted. Weird. :shock:
#69731 by pjc_architect
Fri Sep 09, 2016 2:27 pm
Well, I have used it for that, but not at the moment. I primarily use it to grab an area of entities that I want to copy and/or give greater detail to for a very specific condition. Maybe a cross or wall section where I want to create a new detail altogether.
#69737 by pjc_architect
Mon Sep 12, 2016 3:36 pm
I use Ctrl-E too, but mostly for grabbing an area to view in o2c or to copy to another file or layer. I don't see how to clip the long entities that I don't want in an area just using Ctrl-E however. Probably there is a way...probably I am blind.
#69741 by pjc_architect
Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:44 pm
But that is why Clipit is so handy for me. It clips or crops, and copies, moves, deletes, all in one function. I don't have to trim everything, then have to either Ctrl-E or move/copy an area. And, I leave an area of my original work unscathed, instead of having to cut everything and then move or copy it. Does that make sense or am I missing something?
#69747 by Neil Blanchard
Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:09 am
I use C/F7 to Copy/Drag.
I use Alt-G to Free Trim.
I use M/F1 to Move/Drag.
I use Ctrl E to Copy or Cut with or without an Insertion Point.
I use Alt-J to do 2 Line Trim.
I use Alt-Y to do 1 Line Trim, and I place the cursor on the outside of the trim line. If I don't want to 1 Line Trim to an entity, I use Alt-Y/F1.

I always use associative hatch, so I almost never have to clip/erase an area. I use Ctrl-E/Cut if I do ever need this.

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