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#64638 by Neil Blanchard
Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:08 pm
I hope I can help - because there is lots to love about the Symbol Browser, in my opinion!

* How do I display symbols in the Symbol Browser grid in a specific order, so I can find the one I want more quickly?

Several possibilities that might help here:

Undock the SB and drag it larger (I use a bit more than half of my second monitor) and change the X & Y grid divisions so you can see the symbols in more detail. Scroll down to see the rest if need be.

The second more effective thing is more time consuming, but until we get a way to do a custom order, it is the best I know of: rename each symbol with a prefix number. So as to not mess up your template, Copy the entire folder and give it a "full English" name, possibly with a CSI based prefix.

Then in DataCAD, "pretend" you are going to save a new symbol. In the dialog box, Right-Click on the symbol you want to be at upper left, select Rename, and add 00- at the beginning (and you can also rename the rest to something more descriptive if you want). To check the new order, click Cancel. It should change the order immediately; but if it doesn't, click on the Folder button and reselect the folder. On the next symbol, add 01- and the next 02- and so on.

* How do I Redefine a symbol?

We now have the Symbol Editor. Either Right-Click on the symbol in the drawing, or in the SB grid and select Symbol Tools/Edit. This opens the symbol (without exploding it) just like a drawing. The insertion point is Absolute Zero, so if you need to adjust the insertion point, you Move everything in relation to AZ. When you exit, Save the change, and *in that drawing* the symbol is redefined.

If you need to then save that revised symbol to the hard drive, change the SB to Drawing mode (as opposed to Folder) and it will show you all the symbols in that drawing file. Right-Click on the symbol you edited, and select Save As, then click Save (Enter) and then Yes to replace the old version on the hard drive.

You can also Redefine the old fashioned way by Right-Clicking on the symbol in the SB grid. You would have to have exploded and edited it already, so the SE is easier, I think.

* How do I delete a symbol?

Right-Click on the symbol in the SB grid and select Delete.

Please add you favorite Symbol Browser methods!

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