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#68579 by Ted B
Mon Apr 11, 2016 11:44 pm
I've had success importing 2D constriction details to Sketchup's Layout program via Sketchup, but only the whole drawing file. What's the best way to just copy a part of the drawing file? I need to cut-out and copy several detailed views --- like you would use XRef -- and paste in into Sketchup, or better directly into Layout. Ideally where I can update the image in Layout later as I develop the detail... Where it's a whole page of details, I've printed to .pdf, converted to .jpg and inserted to Layout -- but that's a memory hog and kills my Layout File regen-rate.

Make a XRef and save it as a symbol (.DWG/DXF ?) or can I get straight to .SKP and insert it in Layout? Master Drawing File to AEC XRef to stand-alone .AEC file to .DWG to .SKP to Layout seems a roundabout process.

Part of what I'm trying to avoid is creating then issuing Construction Documents to the Field where some of the pages are generated in Datacad and some are Layout pages. The pure document handling I can address with PdfTools and merge the separate pages into one printable master file, but I still then have to physically segregate Datacad details on separate pages from their companion details/views created in Layout.

I find Layout is too cumbersome to use for drafting traditional 2D construction details, Datacad is much better.

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