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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 4:13 am
by igenatius
If I remember correctly we received EasyEst with DataCad V8. To use this programme with DC you had to use the Estlink macro that enabled you to import a database into DC. I've used it quite a bit at the time to do basic estimates but it seems that DC do not support this function anymore. Is there any info if this is still supported. I've tried it but something is lost somewhere.

I still use EasyEst and over the years I've build up quite a large database of information in EasyEst. All the items/descriptions has been sorted per trades (Divisions, Sub-divisions and Items). Today I do very little typing of notes in DC anymore. All my descriptions and specifications is in EasyEst which I just copy and paste into DC. This is actually a very productive way of working. I can also do a quick estimate, very manual, as well as a specification in A4 printed format.