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#70829 by gehlen designs
Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:39 pm
what the best way to draw a step foundation. There a a lot of steep lots where I work and was wondering of a way to draw foundation once in the plan view and when doing elevations the foundation is step to match the existing grade on the lot.
Just wonder if easier way
#70842 by Mark Bell
Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:44 pm
Hello GD,

There's a number of ways to tackle this. If you know all the RL's for the steps in the footings then you could do it using the smart parametrics. You would need to first create some 'wall' entities for the footings set at the nominal width then using z-base/z-height to define each horizontal segment before changing at the step. Just like drawing a smart wall except the wall is now a concrete edge beam or footing. You would draw this in plan view altering the z-b/z-h as you change up or down at each step. The main slab(s) can be a covered polyline.

Other options include the same as above but using the older solid primitives - slabs. You could also create the stepped footing using horizontal slabs tracing around the outline of the slab and steps then rotate and position in place on plan. You'd need to do this for each side of the building and piece them together.

Personally, the smart parametric option is perhaps the better way to go as you can also use the entities in your documentation knowing the sections will update if you change the plan etc.

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