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#71989 by gcarter
Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:35 pm
I produce electrical services drawings and highlight the xref baseplan with a colour that is greyed for plotting.
Some of the base plans consist of a number of xrefs and all are set to inherit the current highlight setting.
How can I get the highlighting to stick if I want to xref my drawings into a master set?

#72003 by Mark Bell
Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:39 pm
Hi Geoff,

Have you tried using File\Purge to create a new drawing (master file) and set the xrefs to nested xrefs to have them reference the base drawing(s) and colour settings?

There is a hard to track down glitch I've experienced from time to time for a number of years with some xrefs not retaining their colour settings. I've been having an issue all week with this same issue on a multi-stage project that was started in DataCAD X3 and has been continued through to v19. The XRM had one survey xref that had its path set to X3 (the original project folder) which I decided to update from the original X3 folder and copied it into v19 and this appears to have fixed the colour mapping to the other non-related xrefs that were already in the v19 folder. Since doing this, the colour mapping applied to the other xrefs has now stayed in place rather than reverting to a previous setting.

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