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#72730 by joeferguson
Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:14 pm
Hello all,

In the course of my work I need to explode a lot of symbols. These symbols are usually created by a third party in that other software (Autocad) and made freely available to use in my work. After I open and save them in Datacad, I need to find many of the symbols and explode them as they don't always copy and paste into my Datacad drawings.

So I hunt down each symbol using Alt-I, then for each symbol, I go Ctrl-Rtclick-Symbol Tools-Explode-To original layer. Then I can do anything I want with it in DataCad. Sometimes there are one to two dozen symbols in a component and I can spend a half hour exploding before I can get on with my work.

This sequence per symbol seems a natural for a command line alias. I have created them in the past but can't seem to get anywhere with this one.

Ideally, I would be able to invoke the command line alias once, then simply click once on each symbol, and explode them.

Even better would be to be able to select the whole component and explode everything in it at one fell swoop.

Any ideas?

joe ferguson
DataCAD 11, 12, now 16

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