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#26079 by Mark Toce
Thu Jul 12, 2007 10:51 am
In this example, we will create a custom plot scale of 1:30. This scale may also be used to view the drawing.

  1. Select Settings from the Utility menu, then choose Edit Defs.
  2. Pick Scales then Change. Choose a scale that you are not using, such as 1:1000.
  3. DataCAD will prompt you to "Enter new string for this scale." Type the value that you would like to appear on the button, 1:30, and hit [Enter].
  4. DataCAD will prompt you to "Enter new scaling value for this scale." If you know the decimal value for the scale, you can type it and hit [Enter]. If you do not know the decimal value, continue to the next step.
    1. Type the formula (starting with an [=] sign) that DataCAD will use to determine the decimal value, in this example =1/30/12, and hit [Enter] to solve the formula ( 0.002777778 ), then [Enter] again to accept the value.
  5. The process is complete, so you may now right click out of the menu.
Select Disp Scale from the Utility menu to use the new scale to view your drawing. When in the Print\Plot menu, you can choose Scale to select the new scale for printing.

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